Pro Wrestling

Growing up, in the early 1980’s I watched my share of professional wrestling.
So when I got the chance to try it out myself, I took it!
I did some pro-style wrestling around ’94-’95.
I wrestled for Asbjorn (Bear) Riis, founder of the Nordic Wrestling Association, NWF.
(Asbjorn plays Halgar in The 13th Warrior.)

I took part in about four major shows.
One show was partially televised on TV2, the second largest network in Denmark.
Following that, two regional station also brought interviews with Asbjorn and I.

I wrestled under the name of The Assassin.
I wrestled Asbjorn Riis in the main event (usually with some help from The Headbanger).
The Headbanger and I were the main ‘bad guys’, he now wrestles a Tank for Dansk Wrestling.
Unfortunately I was unable to win a single match against Asbjorn Riis. 🙂

Take a look at the following:

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    Images of me Wrestling with Asbjorn (Bear) Riis.
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