The Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator (or M.A.M.E.) project was initiated to preserve nostalgic arcade games for the future. A bonus side effect of the project is that it allows you to play the arcade games of the 70’s and 80’s on your computer at home! (Without costing you a penny, or a quarter!)
M.A.M.E. is a major programming testament for the guys on the M.A.M.E. project team. Version 0.87 supports over 5140 games and clones.

  • CAESAR – Catalogue of Arcade Emulation Software – the Absolute Reference. Overview of emulators and emulated games.
  • KLOV– The Killer List of Videogames contains name and description of most of the videogames ever made!
  • UVL – Universal VideoGame List is a huge database of video games for at lot of platforms.

Arcade museum

Spilmuseet in Ikast, Denmark, houses the world’s only permanent exhibition of video games:

M.A.M.E. download

Download the latest M.A.M.E. version from one of the following:

M.A.M.E. frontend

Jason King’s Menu QS 4.54.

Menu QS is a generic emulator frontend running under DOS written by Jason King.

M.A.M.E. Flyers etc.

Your flyers, screenshots, backdrops etc. needs should be covered by the following:


Links to ROMs (the actual games).