Below are links to homepages of some of my friends, family and acquintances.

Dennis is my half-brother. He’s a carpenter and runs his own company, Aarhus Tømrer og Snedker.
Back in the the mid 1990’s I did some professional wrestling with Asbjørn Riis.
Hugo is my cousin. We’ve had computers as our common hobby since the early 80’s.
We started out with a couple of Sinclair ZX 81’s, with wobbly 16kB RAM expansion packs.
I’ve known Peter for some years.
He sells old movie posters worldwide from his store in Aarhus.
Klaus is the son of my old wrestling buddy Asbjørn Riis. I’ve known Klaus since he was a little kid, guess those days are gone…
Mads and I met each other when we started at DTU in 1989.
We did a lot of work together, and ended up doing our thesis (on quality assurance in 3D coordinate metrology) together in 1996.
Niels is my dad.
He sells model trains (Märklin H0), model cars, coins and Russian icons, amongst other things from his shop Samler Borsen, Aarhus.
Tim and I started out together at DTU.
Tim now lives with his family in the Faeroe Islands, where he runs his company,Auxilior Technology.
Tobias and I both worked at Dynamicweb.